The American Mustang Organization “TAMO” is a nonprofit organization¬†that will be launched in the coming year. TAMO‚Äôs goal is to serve and preserve the wild mustang through education, demonstration, adoption and awareness. We do this so that future generations may know the wild mustang as part of their heritage, and work to defend its status as an American icon.

Most everyone has heard of the American wild mustang. Most people proudly talk about them as a symbol of freedom, an image of dignified beauty, heralding from the days of Columbus. However, very few people know that the wild mustangs are, in fact, struggling to keep their homes and freedom.

The American Mustang Organization will work to save wild mustangs by bringing already captured horses to east coast communities that wish to adopt them, but currently do not have access to a viable adoption process. We will also strive to bring education and awareness concerning the dire situation affecting wild horses with the hope of facilitating mustang preservation in the west.