TAMO’s goal is to not only help give America’s horses a new lease on life through facilitating adoptions and raising awareness concerning mustang related issues. In addition, we hope to prove the validity of the mustang’s versatility by showcasing their ability to enhance and enrich the entire performance horse industry. To help illuminate this mission, we are fortunate to have multiple top professionals, involved in multiple disciplines, as TAMO spokespersons. These experienced and accomplished individuals will assist in mustang selection, allocation, specific training related program design as well as public outreach. This is an incredibly talented group of horsemen and women, so be sure to stay tuned for regular updates on their achievements!

Olivia Lagoy-Weltz

TAMO Dressage Ambassador: Olivia Lagoy-Weltz

Olivia is a usdf bronze, silver, and gold medalist who is currently making an impact on the international dressage scene with her partner and personal horse, Rassing’s Lenoir. With countless wins in the small tour both in the U.S. And Europe, Olivia is a strong contender for a spot on a future Olympic team. Olivia’s talent, dedication, and ability to bring out the most in absolutely any horse make her an ideal ambassador for the TAMO program. Thank you Olivia for your support and belief in our cause!

Olivia’s Official Website


Isabella Wolf


TAMO Polo Ambassador: Isabella Wolf


Ryan Rose

TAMO Parelli Ambassador: Ryan Rose

Ryan is a 4* Parelli Senior Instructor and Senior Horse Development Specialist. A Parelli Protege and former assistant trainer to Pat Parelli, Ryan has a unique and highly specialized background in horse psychology and advancement. A much sought after rider, trainer, and clinician, Ryan spends his time spreading the message of natural horsemanship all over the world. Due to the highly evolved and untouched ‘natural instinct’ of the wild mustang, TAMO places an extreme priority on the humane and masterful handling of all horses in our program. To this end, we will rely heavily on Ryan’s expertise, as well as our trainers’, in designing the most compassionate and productive curriculum for our adopters and adoptees. Thank you Ryan for your commitment and dedication to the well being of our mustangs and all horses worldwide.

Ryan’s Official Website