One of the biggest obstacles facing mustang adoption is the lack of training/handling given to these wild horses before they are eligible for adoption. Due to the fact that mustangs are truly wild, without ever having human contact, they can be quite dangerous to the amateur horse owner.  However, because the federal government is the only organization responsible for the management of the wild mustangs, and because they lack the necessary resources, understanding and tools to offer these horses a proper foundation prefacing adoption, many people either adopt a mustang with unfortunate results, or do not adopt at all due to the numerous challenges of handling/caring for a wild animal. TAMO offers a solution to this issue by having all mustangs in our organization go through a 30 to 100 day training program (based on the needs of each horse) before being adopted out to a suitable home. Furthermore, through our many demonstrations and educational events, we give people and horses the fundamental tools and knowledge to enter into the adoption process successfully. One of the ways we do this is by collaborating with the many wonderful natural horsemanship trainers in the area. Through this partnership with our trainers, we are able to accomplish many goals at once; we provide each mustang with it’s own personalized training program and after adoption the new owner is given 2 free at home training sessions to help transition successfully. Additionally, we bring exposure to the valuable techniques and skill sets these trainers have to offer to a community that has limited awareness of such available assets, helping the trainers grow their businesses, while offering horse owners a solution to otherwise difficult training problems. Finally, through our endeavors, we are able to proliferate mustang adoptions by having the horse community work together to effectively provide, train, adopt and successfully save one of America’s greatest horses… the wild mustang.

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