Our Story

The American Mustang Organization is a project born of founder, Meghan Kavanah’s, passion to honor and preserve the dignity of America’s wild horses and share with horse lovers everywhere, the beauty, spirit and versatility of the wild mustang.

The inspiration behind TAMO came from none other than, a wild mustang. While attending a BLM sponsored auction, Meghan spotted a beautiful 5 yr. old grey mare and instantly fell in love. Not having the heart to let this gorgeous horse go back to a government holding facility, Meghan spontaneously bought the mare for $125.00. Through the journey of developing a partnership with this wild animal (named Landay) Meghan was surprised to uncover many sought after traits of an esteemed performance horse partner. Wanting to share this discovery with the rest of the performance horse world, as well as horse enthusiasts worldwide, Meghan was driven to create an organization that could accomplish that goal.

Designed after Landay’s journey from a free roaming member of the herd, to domesticated member of the family, TAMO offers prospective adopters the ability to save a wild horse from a life in a holding pen, with the support and guidance of trained professionals. Because the well being of the horse is our top priority, TAMO will only adopt out horses that have successfully completed our trainer certified program, and have been deemed suitable for adoption. Furthermore, all adopters and adoptees will be fully supported in the transitional phase with weekly training sessions from each horse’s individual trainer.

Under these guidelines, TAMO is confident in our ability to not only save numerous wild horses from an uncertain future, but also to facilitate many lifelong relationships between one of America’s greatest treasures and the people who love them.